Monitoring System

Jaguza Livestock Tracking & Management System uses a combination of High Frequency RFID technology and GPS technology, driven by powerful web based platform, accessed in field via an integrated iOS and android application. The simple interface maintains individual livestock records in real time, with information such as milking, medication, financial details, productivity only a click away. Convenience and easier staff & farm management to task/event recording, intelligent drafting, plant & equipment monitoring.Jaguza Livestock  tracks animal enterprises, movements, treatments, events, purchases and sales over multiple properties. Track livestock in mobs or groups creating a fully traceable history to any paddock, treatment or event in their life

Our GPS Trackers are powered by the sun.  If you have cattle and want to track their locations you can do that with this GPS Tracker.   The battery is charged continuously by the sun.  Completely waterproof and shock proof make this a universal device that can be used in many different applications.   You can Track wild animals on your Wild Game Ranch.  Track cattle, Horses, and Camel's.  Perfect for cars, jeeps, bikes, motorcycles, boats and much more! Build with Water-proof GPS tracker with 5000mAh battery built-in  

Our Special Collars can be sized to fit the animal’s neck, to hold the tracker around your cow, horse, and other large animals.  Built in solar panels provide non-stop power for the tracker.  GSM + GPS positioning with Google map tracking is available with the iOS and Android app and on your web application. We provide full technical and application support included in the monthly service fee. That means you will never have a device that doesn't work. We want everyone to use our products and services so get creative and start tracking.