Does your farm struggle to keep track of its livestock? Have you ever wondered how you can increase your average daily gain with an accurate and secure livestock identification system? Do you want to improve your livestock tracking capabilities without increasing overhead?

With Jaguza you are able to easily record livestock identification information by entering animals directly into the software right as they are born out in the fields! Through the use of our livestock identification software, you can better manage your herds and flocks, gain anytime, anywhere access to all your livestock ID tags, track animals from birth to processing or relocation, and improve consumer trust with transparent traceability.

Our livestock identification system keeps your data safe and secure without the hassle of constant updates and maintenance. Let us handle the IT side of things so you can focus on what matters most” managing your animals in a way that brings you superior products, an increase in estimated breeding value, increased profit and successful transitions to the next generation of your herd or flock.

With the benefits of enhanced livestock identification, you will gain instant access to a particular animals’ individual information:

– Any health events in the animal’s life

– History of locations and movements

– Weekly updated genetic evaluations

Our livestock identification system is designed to match your own tagging preferences. Whether you use an electronic scale head, a wand reader or a handheld device for your current livestock identification methods, Jaguza Livestock is here to fit with your own system while increasing your management capabilities. We want to help you grow your profits without having to invest in expensive overhead!