Do you ever find yourself wishing you had a more accurate way of knowing the health history of each animal on your farm? Do you ever wonder how improved livestock health management would impact the quality of your product for higher consumer demand and more bottom line profit? With our tracker you do not have to wonder anymore!

As any farmer knows, the health of your herd or flock makes or breaks your business. We understand that having an accurate and secure livestock health management system can ensure you improve the health of your herd or flock year after year. And with our superior livestock health management software, you can not only maintain the health of your animals, but also improve livestock performance for better profits!

Jaguza is a livestock health management system that allows farms of any size to manage the health of their animals easily, conveniently and securely.

  • Measure your herd or flock performance
  • Make sure your information does not get lost between the field and the office
  • Meet and document your program requirements

At Jaguza, we are not here to sell you expensive overhead. That is why our livestock health management system is designed to fit seamlessly with your existing hardware. Our customizable options allow you to decide how you will use our livestock health management software for your needs, while making sure that your information does not get lost in the shuffle.