AboutJaguza Livestock App

Jaguza helps people with their farming problems, especially people who are socially or economically disadvantaged. We can help you with farming problems about disease, Market, Farming Methods, information sharing, Livestock Monitoring, social security and Reporting.

This will help poor rural communities in Uganda and entire world to seek information confidently without fear; regardless of their economic status, educational level or gender in there local languages. This will help in empowering villagers improving access to farming there by increases there yields and production.

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    To improve livestock production by transforming Livestock farming to lift millions out of poverty in Africa to the millions of small holder farmers.

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    To deliver service and solutions to our farmers that will empower farmers with the information needed to produce superior livestock, information to improve livestock performance, and the hardware and systems that will improve on farm productivity and decision making and develop innovative solutions to ensure that our farmers continue to enjoy a competitive edge.

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    • Commitment to farmers prosperity and productivity
    • Improve decision making to livestock farmer
    • Hardware and systems to improve productivity and decision making
    • Adding value for shareholders, focusing on key markets


With Jaguza, committees are formed at the village or parish level by community vet volunteers, LCC chairman of the villages to be equipped with basic livestock information concepts contracted by vet officers to sensitize locals to farming and encourage them to monitor, guide, and report any problem in the communities to our experts for action. Consultation and dialogues with communities helps in empowering villagers and improving access livestock information.



With extensive training of the mobile app use, mentor-ship and support from specialized expert service providers, access to chat with the nearest vet officer around you, Interactive voice response (IVR), SMS, USSD, Access to the nearest organization equipped with livestock information services, QGIS Mapping and use of various platforms equipped with the necessary tools and information to assist thousands of low-income clients with their livestock needs.

Benefits of using Jaguza Livestock App

All thats good, nothing thats not.

Jaguza was Engineered to meet the demands of operating in tough environment, designed with feedback from dairy experts & customers, our devices are an attempt to bring dairy science & machine learning advances to your doorstep. We care about our customers, that is why we made our device on the World’s most efficient wireless sensor network ensuring zero coverage blackout and long battery times per recharge. We run advanced proprietary algorithms combining dairy science, expert knowledge and machine learning. We monitor all the data in make sure your cows stay healthy, happy & provide the optimal milk yield.

Our technology is simple & easy to use. You simply install solar powered base unit on your farm and strap our device to your cows. Our device measure the temperature, activity & behaviour of your cows and send that data via the base station to our servers which process the data based on our complex algorithms generated from vast expert knowledge to provide you with the best actionable recommendations.

With Jaguza you can stay connected to your farm(s) via our online interactive dashboard which gives you an overview of all your dairy animals and farm practices. Get notified of health & estrus alerts along with other actionable recommendations to take care of your cows, via our customizable text messages & robotic calls.

Jaguza device  is simply here to help you make the most of your dairy farm by reducing your farm management efforts, overhead costs & operational headaches. Let’s revolutionize this dairy business, together!


Our Impact

Vet Doctors
Musinguzi Wilfred/
I like the marketing part of the Jaguza platform, it provides you with many opportunities for selling livestock products.
Kakama Edwin/
My livestock farm's disease monitoring process was made easy using the Jaguza technology, thanks so much for this
Obwot Solomon/
Digital Marketeer
I'm thinking about expanding my livestock farm but this time the Jaguza technology will not miss, it has worked for others, it can work for me too
Isinde James/
I like the marketing part of the Jaguza platform, it provides you with many opportunities for selling livestock products
Okot Kenneth/
My livestock farm's disease monitoring process was made easy using the JAGUZA technology, thanks so much for this

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