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Jaguza Livestock App

According to FAO, global demand is projected to increase by 70 percent to feed a population estimated to reach 9.6 billion by 2050. Demand growth thus also presents opportunities for an estimated 1 billion poor that depend on Livestock for food and income.

Livestock farmers’ assistance is just one example of how Artificial Intelligence,Machine Learning and Tensor flow could be used to help solve important issues like this. At Jaguza farm, we think technology can make a real impact.

Jaguza learns patterns about a cow’s movements from a wearable sensor. We use this data to develop machine learning models and Tensor Flow algorithm, and ultimately, Jaguza livestock can detect activities from eating, drinking, resting, fertility, temperature and more. It’s not just tracking this information, though. We use Jaguza system to predict problems earlier, detecting cases like lameness or digestive disorders hence provide recommendations to farmers on how to keep their cows healthy and improve the efficiency of their farms. Using these insights, we’re already seeing a 35 percent increase in livestock production on our customers’ farms.

With Jaguza, you can manage your herd &  drive your profit while managing your livestock business online. With the business’ first approach to record keeping and management we understand you would prefer being in the paddock and not in front of the computer. Our intuitive mobile App interfaces help you manage your herd,  inventory, sales and financials ,record management from your desk or out in the paddock!

Our Jaguza App eliminates guesswork & Saves Time. We have designed it to save you time and improve the accuracy of your farm record keeping thereby enabling flock and herd managers to keep a full set of livestock records in their pocket.Read more

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    Jaguza mobile application provides a friendly user interface to a farmer and it is convenient to navigate.

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    Data confidentiality is a priority in our system and your data is stored and safe from third party access.

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    Real time data uploading and viewing results instantaneously with the Jaguza cloud server.

Why Jaguza

We provide real time livestock information to the community, it is that simple.

We focus on helping the community by monitoring  and following up on all the cases from various farmers handled by our experts.

How It Works

Jaguza uses a variety of information and communication technology (ICT) tools such as a website and Social Media.

Get In Touch

We are always available at your service. You can contact the Jaguza team anytime using either email, or phone.

Manage Your Herd and Drive your Profit With Jaguza Livestock

Jaguza Livestock is a better way to manage your livestock business online. With the business’ first approach to livestock record keeping and farm management, we understand you would prefer being in the paddock and not in front of the computer. Our intuitive mobile application interface helps you manage your herd, give advice to the farmers, market information, access to our online vet doctors, sales and financials from your desk or out in the paddock!

Managing cattle farms can be really challenging. At Jaguza farm, We help dairy farms take the guesswork out of operations. Our smart ear device monitors dairy cows 24/7, 365 days a year. The Installation is seamless and takes a few minutes.

Jaguza device was designed with care to ensure no disruption in any farm operations. Our rugged, waterproof & non-invasive monitoring system is comfortable for cows’ ear & requires little to no maintenance and its transferable.

Our device runs advanced proprietary algorithms combining Artificial Intelligence in Dairy science , expert knowledge and machine learning to deliver actionable information at your doorstep. As the end result, your cows stay healthy, live longer and give more milk.

Simply fix it in the cow’s ear and get actionable recommendations on how to increase milk yield, improve reproduction rates & detect illness early. Our device communicates wireless with our solar powered base unit that has a 1 mile range.

Musinguzi Wilfred/
I like the marketing part of the Jaguza platform, it provides you with many opportunities for selling livestock products.
Kakama Edwin/
My livestock farm's disease monitoring process was made easy using the Jaguza technology, thanks so much for this
Obwot Solomon/
Digital Marketeer
I'm thinking about expanding my livestock farm but this time the Jaguza technology will not miss, it has worked for others, it can work for me too
Isinde James/
I like the marketing part of the Jaguza platform, it provides you with many opportunities for selling livestock products
Okot Kenneth/
My livestock farm's disease monitoring process was made easy using the JAGUZA technology, thanks so much for this

Explore Jaguza Application

Jaguza system helps livestock producers overcome the challenges of scale increases while ensuring their animals’ well-being. Instead of relying solely on farmers’ senses and knowledge, on-site tracking sensors can provide reliable data about the location and physical condition of the animals. Whether the farmer is concerned with automatic feeding, sorting and separating, or weighing, all of the information needed for managing the animals individually is available in real time.

Our solution supports optimal livestock performance by providing the exact amount of feed for each animal based on its body weight and activity level. Implementing this system enables having the control to help the animals maintain optimal body condition. In cases of anomalous development (e. g. loss of weight, decreasing activity level), affected animals can be isolated in order to be treated and fed separately.

Quarantining animals that have been in contact with sick animals helps to minimize the cases of illness and medication expenses.

Why choose us

Monitoring System

The simple interface maintains individual livestock records in real time, with information such as milking, medication, financial details, productivity only a click away.

USSD and SMS System

Jaguza Livestock uses a combination of the internet and mobile phones (SMS and USSD) to disseminate livestock marketing information and to also track their livestock to our knowledge base system.

Record Keeping System

At Jaguza, we understand the importance of livestock record keeping when it comes to improving your value chain in both the long and short term.

GIS System

We use Geographical Information System (GIS) as a tool for any discipline which handles our data that can be connected with geographical locations, such as in countries, regions, communities, or co-ordinates.


We simplify the life of the agriculturalists in a way that we digitalise all the works that they have at hand while using GPS systems.

Vet Doctors

Features & Benefits


  • Smart ear tag solution that can be deployed as a standalone solution or paired with existing tags
  • Movement & activity tracker for individual animals and the herd as a whole
  • Historical activity data on individual animals in the herd, with access to it from anywhere
  • Early warning signs of illness, including information on livestock that are lactating or in heat
  • Mobile alerts and notifications on individual livestock health (with pre-calibrated baseline)


  • Detect and respond to potential illnesses early and avoid spread of disease
  • Greatly reduce manual labor for monitoring and tracking livestock
  • Near real-time health dashboard of your entire herd – on a mobile phone
  • Save substantially on costly medications such as antibiotic
  • Reusable tags – can be deployed on other livestock, as needed

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